A journey of self-worth and self-empowerment

A 10 days empowerment course that will allow you to connect with your inner Aphrodite, Venus, Inanna, Oshun, the Goddess of many names that was once lost in humanity. But she really wishes to return to us, but we need to open ourselves to her because this time she wants to come from within all of us. But what is Aphrodite? It’s nothing less than our self-love and self-worth, it’s accepting every aspect of ourselves being self-assured, it’s an amazing feeling of abundance from within, how does it sound to you? How would you look like in that Aphrodite version of yourself? Just picture that image of your empowered-self, and how does it feel? Are you ready to embody that part of you? if yes this course is for you, join me on this amazing 10 days of healing, beauty, self-empowering exercises and amazing surprises, see you soon..



Course Guidelines

Day 1. Planning

Day 2. Life alignment session

Day 3. Acceptance 

Day 4. Embracing guilt/Forgiveness 

Day 5. Taking responsibility

Day 6. Life Alignment session

Day 7. Achieving your full potential

Day 8. A day with Aphrodite 

Day 9. Make a wish

Day 10. Life Alignment session/Oracle reading 

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