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KAAVcosmetics has a very special and unique feature, every product goes through a process where the molecules are transformed with healing energy.  Each customer will receive positive words which I dowse with a pendulum.

This technique was inspired on Dr Masaru Emoto's theory, you can research his experiment on youtube about how the water molecules change with words and intention (YouTube- water, consciousness & intent: Dr Masaru Emoto). Being a Healer myself I have a lot of Healing tools from Crystals to a more advanced Technology from Life Alignment technique, using these tools I dowse with a pendulum positive words for every single customer, these words will be transferred into the product, the words are the energy each individual will need to align them into their true self, which will align into their true purpose, raising their vibration which will only allow them to attract what resonates with their original vibration, it will create an harmony between body, mind and soul.

Kaavcosmetics were tested using an aura photography to see if it can change an individual's aura, we used a model to take a before (without kaavcosmetics) and after (with kaavcosmetics) picture, the results were amazing and you can see in the pictures above. The pictures have 10 minutes difference, the first picture where she was not using the product is red.  

According to, red is related to the physical body, heart or circulation, the densest colour, it creates the most friction, friction attracts or repels; money worries or obsessions, anger or unforgiveness, anxiety or nervousness. 

The second photo she is using the product and her aura changed to gold/yellow, it’s the colour of enlightenment and divine protection.  It says that the person is being guided by their highest good. It is divine guidance, protection, wisdom, inner knowledge, spiritual mind and intuitive thinker. 

Kaavcosmetics do not change your aura, it brings it back to its original form. 

The Healing feature in our cosmetics are to help us in an enjoyable way, please do not worry if you do not understand why certain words are coming for you, just be open to the energy and enjoy it while doing your daily grooming.

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